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1st Plan of Future Charlie Lake Park

First plan of future Charlie Lake Park

City and Rotary to study Charlie Lake development

By Dave Nagy, Alaska Highway News

The city will establish a committee to work with the Rotary Club in a study of a proposed recreational development for Charlie Lake.

Grant Timmins of the Rotary explained how the service organization has since 1973 tried to upgrade the city-owned property on the south end of Charlie Lake.

The Rotary wants to develop among other things an RV park, to attract tourists on their way up the Alaska Highway. The club approached council yesterday to find out if the city would be interested in co-operating in some kind of development of the property. He gave an example of such a facility in Grande Prairie, built through the co-operation of Rotary and the city.

But he said it a co-operative agreement could not be reached then maybe the city could lease the property to the Rotary.

Mayor Brian Palmer expressed concerns about “developing a park outside the city as opposed to inside.” And felt there would be considerateions about liability in such a project.

Ald. Eric Graham also voiced concerns business people would have, saying people staying outside the city would not benefit city merchants.

Timmins said the proposed RV park would be “revenue producing” and suggested funds raised from this be used for further development of the property. The project would also include facilities for boat parking.

Early in his presentation Timmins outlined steps taken over the years in attempt to eliminate the bog problem on the property. One recent problem was the raising of the lake level and dike, making the area unstable. It would also be a “very expensive” problem to correct in covering the property to a recreational area.

Mr. Palmer added the committee would include someone from city administration who could provide legal advice.