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New 120-foot Rotary flagpole draws the eye in Charlie Lake

Rotary Park Flag Pole

There’s a new landmark to behold at the Rotary RV Park in Charlie Lake.

The Rotary Club of Fort St. John raised a new 120-foot flagpole on Aug. 11, which runs a 20x40 foot Canadian flag. The project was the brainchild of Robert Herman, president of the Fort St. John Rotary Parks Society.

“The Rotary Club always felt that we didn’t have quite enough exposure in Fort St. John,” said Herman. “We do a lot of good, we fund a lot of organizations around the community, too many to name, and this RV park is part of that process, all the money from this park goes back into the community.”

Rotary Park Flag
Canada flag at Rotary Park. (Alaska Highway News Photo)

He noted that many people don’t even realize the RV park is a Rotary park, despite the large sign.

So Herman decided to take on the $30,000 project for two main reasons “one to make a nice landmark on this end of the highway even for the community… (and) hoist the big flag up there so everyone could see it and also to get some good exposure for the Rotary Club.”

ARTICLE SOURCE: Alaska Highway News